PowerHeat 4500

The PowerHeat 4500 is more than just a ground thaw unit and it allows you to have a better ROI in two very meaningful ways: 

  • Can be used with HHS Hydronic Accessories to do building heat, emergency heat and provide heat in many ways for the oil, gas and environmental industries
  • Can accommodate up to 4,500 feet of hose to allow 9,000 sq. ft. of thaw with no additional hose reels or booster pumps, which is 50% more than the E3000

Other Amazing Benefits Include:

  • The onboard manifold system allows you to move the unit without having to pick up all of your ground thaw hose
  • Allows you to do multiple areas of thaw
  • The 500 ft. loops allow the user to only pull the amount of hose needed for the job; shorter loops also provide much better heat distribution during the job
  • The optional remote manifold allows you to do bridge decks without having to lift the unit into place
  • Allows multiple areas of thaw or cure as well as temporary heat, all at the same time!
  • No need for mixing booster pumps when doing concrete curing; simply dial down the Aquastat and you are ready to cure!
  • No need to worry about a roll-up door freezing or breaking as our unique design allows the door to pivot back inside the unit
Heat (at specific conditions) Up to 500, 000 cubic ft.
Thaw 9, 000 sq. ft. (4500′ hose)
Cure 13,500 sq. ft. (4500′ hose)
Frost Prevention 9, 000 sq. ft. (4500′ hose)

HHS Pest Control Trailer

The Hydronic Heat Solution Pest Control Trailer is the absolute best method to “seek and destroy” the Bugs, Beetles, Roaches, Rodents and even biological infestations that can invade a dwelling.

  • No chemicals are used, which can affect the health of occupants after the treatment. Pests eventually develop tolerance to certain chemicals and follow-up treatments become necessary.
  • Pests cannot hide from heat and it seeks them out even in cracks and under coverings.
  • When properly applied for adequate dwell time, the heat penetrates walls, ceilings and floors and even kills unhatched eggs of the pests.
  • 100% mortality is achieved with one complete treatment.
  • Setup of the system is relatively easy, non-invasive and very few household items will usually need to be removed from the dwelling.

Our CSA/UL certified mobile system boasts the CHH-300 Central Hydronic Heater as its central component, which is a fuel-burning appliance designed to heat fluid “on-demand” and provide pumped circulation of the fluid for use (in this application) to “Heat-Treat” pest infected premises’. The CHH-300 provides a central source of hot “heat transfer fluid” (HTF) for use with the HHS liquid-to-air heat exchangers (fancoils).

  • All operational aspects of the CHH-300 are accessible from outside the trailer enclosure 
  • Pumping and combustion control are achieved with electrical components. The system requires a 120 volt, 20 amp, 3-wire grounding circuit to run the heater and multiple, 15 amp circuits to run the fancoils and air movers inside the structure
  • The “HTF” circuit includes an open, atmospherically-vented expansion tank, which effectively eliminates the system from pressure vessel classification
  • The combustion chamber/heat exchanger is 2–pass, horizontal, concentric-cylinder design
  • For security and environmental protection, all valves, controls, burner, pump and “HTF” tank filler are either secured behind lockable access doors or self-lockable
  • The control panel, thermostatic-operator, limit controls and “HTF” tank level gauge are visible to the operator even when the system is securely locked down
  • The base trailer is a heavy duty, dual-axle unit specially designed for this application, with diamond-plate decking and fenders; plus an LED running light system
  • The enclosure is comprised of a heavy-duty welded, tubular, box frame covered with stainless steel sides, roof and doors
  • The cargo area of the unit comes with designated space to carry and store all the components required on the job
  • Access to the enclosure is gained through a pair of heavy-duty side-swing doors which can be securely locked
  • The unit comes with a detached aluminium ramp for use in loading and unloading the cargo
  • All hoses and manifolds are pre-charged with glycol and utilize quick-couplers, to make setup and take-down as simple as possible

* Actual Weight is 6600 lbs (fully loaded with glycol, fuel and all accessories)

Standard Package Components:

1 – Enclosed Trailer, 10,000 GVWR
1 – CHH-300 Diesel-fired Heater
1 – 70 Gallon Aluminum Fuel Tank (inside trailer)
6 – HFC 100 FanCoil Heat Exchanger
12 – Therma-Stor AMS A3000 Air Movers
4 – 3/4” – 3 Port Manifold SET (includes 4030141 & 4030142)
2 – 1” Manifold Connecting Tee-SET (includes 4030352 & 4030353)
4 – 1” x 50′ Hoses w/Couplers
8 – 3/4” x 50′ Hoses w/Couplers
8 – 3/4” x 25′ Hoses w/Couplers
2 – 50′ 20amp 12/3 SOOW Extension Cord w/coupler.
6 – 20′ Extension Cords, 14/3
2 – Special base 2wheel Hand Carts for Hoses
1 – Aluminum Ramp


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